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T-shore brings together 13 partners from 5 EU Countries to research innovative approaches for skills provision in the offshore renewable energy sector and blue economy.


The offshore wind industry in Europe is growing rapidly, but it faces a significant challenge: a skills gap that threatens to slow down its expansion and limit its potential. Without enough qualified workers, the industry cannot fully capitalize on the opportunities it presents for job creation and economic growth in Europe.

That's where the T-shore project comes in. T-shore is a collaborative effort involving 13 partners from 5 countries, all working together as one team to address the skills gap and ensure that the offshore wind industry has the workforce it needs to thrive.

T-shore aims to develop a series of training programs that are tailored to the needs of employers in the offshore wind industry. These programs will cover both technical and soft skills, such as problem-solving, communication, and teamwork, that are essential for success in the industry.

To supplement these programs, T-shore will also create a training library that can be used by centres of vocational excellence (CoVEs) across the EU. These CoVEs will be established to provide hands-on training and support for workers in the offshore wind industry, helping them develop the skills and competencies they need to succeed.

By training a large number of workers in the offshore wind industry, T-shore will help to address the skills gap and provide European companies with the skilled workforce they need to compete in the global market and increase their market share.

But T-shore is more than just a training program. It's a collaborative effort that brings together industry stakeholders, training providers, and educational bodies to foster industry collaboration and ensure that the training programs and CoVEs meet the needs of employers in the offshore wind industry.

Together, the T-shore project partners are working to create a sustainable future for the offshore wind industry in Europe, one that is built on a skilled and competent workforce, thriving companies, and a spirit of collaboration and innovation.

The main project goals

  1. The development and establishment of the European network of VET-schools and VET training Centers in Offshore wind energy.
  2. Establishing strong links between businesses and VET providers and combining these stakeholders in order to meet the industry’s real needs.
  3. Understand and define new competency profiles and developing advanced digital and evidence based educational training methods and materials in a workbased learning environment


  • Atlantic Technological University
  • Energy Innovation
  • Fagskolen Rogaland
  • Hydrogen Valley
  • Katapult
  • Noorderpoort
  • POM West-Vlaanderen
  • Scalda
  • Skilliant
  • Skive College
  • TCNN
  • Wind Energy Ireland
  • World Class Maintenance

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